The annual Summer Safety and Reliability Seminars are organised to advance the methods for the safety and reliability analysis of complex systems and processes and to disseminate the newest achievements in the field. The subjects of the Seminars, different from year to year, are chosen by the Seminars Boards in an effort to dynamically represent the methodological advancements developed to meet the newly arising challenges in the field of safety and reliability.
This year the emphasis is addressed to the following subjects:

Contributions are in the form of 20-minutes papers presented at Seminar Sessions and 40-minutes lectures presented at Plenary Sessions, with corresponding full text from 10 of up to 20 pages and training courses on selected safety and reliability topics in the form of theoretical background guides and power point files to be presented and prepared for commercialization.

The papers peer-reviewed and accepted by the Seminar Board will be included in Monograph entitled "Safety and Reliability of Systems and Processes, Summer Safety and Reliability Seminar 2023", with an ISBN-number (evaluated with 20 points per chapter according to regulations of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education).
The training courses will be prepared for international publication and sale.