General Info

Location & Appointed Time

The SSARS 2022 and Workshop are held on 4th - 11th September 2022, in Ciechocinek, the health resort located in central Poland.

The venue hotel is:

„Pod Tężniami” Hotel Conference & Spa
 Warzelniana 7 Street
 87-720 Ciechocinek, Poland

The hotel arranges transportation from and to airports in Poland.


Submission of Contributions March 31, 2022
Acceptance of Contributions April 30, 2022
Submission of Final Versions May 31, 2022
Registration May 31, 2022
Payment of Fees May 31, 2022
SSARS Meeting September 4-8, 2022
Workshop September 8-11, 2022


Authors are requested to submit their contributions electronically to the SSARS Secretariat.
The submitted contributions will be reviewed for acceptance by the members of the Seminar Board. Only those contributions prepared according to the Contribution Template will be considered.


The Seminars language is English.
No translation will be provided.

Seminar and Editorial Board

The Seminar Chairmen, Reviewers and Members of Technical Board.


Plenary Session Speakers.
Seminar Session Speakers.
Training Courses Lecturers.