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  Safety and Reliability of Systems and Processes
  Summer Safety and Reliability Seminar 2021

  Kołowrocki Krzysztof, Poland
  Bogalecka Magdalena, Poland
  Dąbrowska Ewa, Poland
  Torbicki Mateusz, Poland

  Gdynia Maritime University, 2021

  ISBN 978-83-7421-354-7 (printed)
  e-ISBN 978-83-7421-355-4 (eBook)
  DOI: 10.26408/srsp-2021



Business continuity management framework for Industry 4.0 companies regarding dependability and security of ICT and ICS/SCADA system

KOSMOWSKI Kazimierz T.

Gdańsk University of Technology, Gdańsk, Poland, kazkosmo(at)

DOI: 10.26408/srsp-2021-13

ABSTRACT: This chapter addresses a business continuity management (BCM) framework for the Industry 4.0 companies including the organizational and technical solutions, regarding the dependability and security of the information and telecommunication technology (ICT), and the industrial control system (ICS) / supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. These technologies and systems play nowadays important roles in modern advanced manufacturing systems and process plants due to their openness to external systems and networks using various communication channels. It gives on the one hand, some advantages in effective realization of technological and business processes, logistics and distribution of goods, but, on the other hand, makes the company assets and resources potentially vulnerable to some threats with relevant risks. The chapter outlines some ideas related to designing a business continuity management system (BCMS) based on defined processes and procedures. Such system includes planning of changes in organization / industrial company, nonconformity issues, and planning corrective actions. In a final part of this chapter the leadership importance, and staff awareness and responsibility are emphasized to create a robust and healthy corporate culture based on accepted values, properly spread among the employees. It is beneficial for shaping good organizational culture, and then safety and security culture. The BCM approach outlined in this chapter distinguishes both preventive and recovery activities regarding suggestions in selected international standards and domain publications.

KEYWORDS: business continuity management, Industry 4.0, information technology, operational technology, industrial control system, dependability, functional safety, cyber security, organisational culture

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Kosmowski K.T. 2021. Business continuity management framework for Industry 4.0 companies regarding dependability and security of ICT and ICS/SCADA system. In K. Kołowrocki et al. (Eds.), Safety and Reliability of Systems and Processes, Summer Safety and Reliability Seminar 2021. Gdynia Maritime University, Gdynia, 249-270, doi:10.26408/srsp-2021-13.

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