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  Safety and Reliability of Systems and Processes
  Summer Safety and Reliability Seminar 2020

  Kołowrocki Krzysztof, Poland
  Bogalecka Magdalena, Poland
  Dąbrowska Ewa, Poland
  Torbicki Mateusz, Poland

  Gdynia Maritime University, 2020

  ISBN 978-83-7421-320-2 (printed)
  e-ISBN 978-83-7421-321-9 (eBook)
  DOI: 10.26408/srsp-2020



Safety analysis of the system of crude oil transhipment


1 Gdynia Maritime University, Gdynia, Poland, a.blokus(at)
2 Gdynia Maritime University, Gdynia, Poland, b.sarnecka(at)

DOI: 10.26408/srsp-2020-02

ABSTRACT: This chapter presents safety analysis of the crude oil transfer system that considers both its operation process and the human factor. The system's safety is highly influenced by tasks performed during the crude oil transfer process, thus, its conditional safety characteristics are determined for individual operational states, which correspond to performed tasks. Moreover, human error and mistakes during the transhipment operations at the terminal can significantly affect the process' safety. In light of this, the paper proposes an approach that allows for inclusion of the human factor in the system's safety analysis. Finally, the unconditional safety characteristics for the system are determined. Specifically, the mean values in safety states and safety states' subsets are compared when the human factor is both included and excluded. Results are presented for a crude oil transfer system consisting of one transhipment line and four transhipment lines.

KEYWORDS: crude oil transfer system, system's safety, operation process, human factor, crude oil transhipment safet

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Blokus, A., Kwiatuszewska-Sarnecka, B. 2020. Safety analysis of the system of crude oil transhipment. In K. Kołowrocki et al. (Eds.), Safety and Reliability of Systems and Processes, Summer Safety and Reliability Seminar 2020. Gdynia Maritime University, Gdynia, 17-32, doi:10.26408/srsp-2020-02

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